Chapter 13
Chapter 13
Japanese Title


Romanized Title

Mayonaka no Gēmu (1)

English Title

A Game at Midnight, Part 1

Volume 2

287th Hunter Exam arc

Chapter 12
Chapter 14
Chapters and Volumes

A Game at Midnight, Part 1 is chapter 13 of Hunter x Hunter.


Netero gives the remaining 42 applicants a ride to the site of Phase Three. It is a long trip and they will have to spend the night in the airship. Gon and Killua decide to go explore the airship while Kurapika and Leorio just want to sleep. Tonpa tries to trick them into staying awake but to no avail. During their dinner, Buhara, Menchi and Satotz talk with each other about the applicants. They all agree that Hisoka is at the same level as themselves, only that he is from the dark side of the society.

Meanwhile, Gon and Killua are also talking to each other. Killua is surprised when Gon shows no signs of shock upon learning that Killua's family only consists of professional assassins. He tells him that he does not want his life to be decided by his parents. Netero suddenly comes then challenges them to a ball game. If they can take the ball in Netero's left hand, they will qualify as Hunters and receive their licenses. After accepting the challenge, Killua is the first to play with Netero. He uses an assassination technique that creates illusions of his body and charges at Netero but in the end he fails. Gon then switches places with him.


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