Chapter 16
Chapter 16
Japanese Title


Romanized Title

Shirenkan Tōjō

English Title

Enter the Taskmasters

Volume 2

287th Hunter Exam arc

Chapter 15
Chapter 17
Chapters and Volumes

Enter the Taskmasters is chapter 16 of Hunter x Hunter.


After Tonpa puts on his countdown timer, a secret door is revealed. They have to vote on whether or not to have it opened using the timers. Tonpa is the only one who votes against opening it and he apologizes for accidentally doing so, but Leorio does not believe him. After using majority rule to pass through another door, they arrive at a platform erected in the middle of a bottomless abyss. On the other end of the platform stand 5 hooded, handcuffed people. The cuffs and hood on a person are then removed, revealing a muscular bald man. He tells the 5 applicants that in order to advance they will have to win at least 3 out of 5 one-on-one no-holds-barred matches against them; if they lose, they will have to wait until the end of the time limit. Tonpa volunteers to fight first, but he astonishes everyone by giving up right after the start signal. The score is 1 - 0 for the opponents. When he returns, Tonpa tells his teammates that unlike them he does not want to become a Hunter.


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