Chapter 18
Chapter 18
Japanese Title


Romanized Title

Futatsu no Kirifuda

English Title

The Two Aces in the Hole

Volume 3

287th Hunter Exam arc

Chapter 17
Chapter 19
Chapters and Volumes

The Two Aces in the Hole is chapter 18 of Hunter x Hunter.


Kurapika volunteers to fight in the 3rd match and his opponent is a muscular man who brags about having killed 19 people and challenges him to an unarmed fight to the death. Leorio is worried about Kurapika but Killua thinks that he will be fine because the opponent is an imposter. Right after the start signal, that man punches a hole in the floor and reveals a spider tattoo similar to that of a Phantom Troupe member on his back. It turns out his right hand is reinforced with steel and the tattoo is a fraud to scare people off. Kurapika immediately knows that his opponent is a faker, but he cannot help getting furious. His eyes turn scarlet and he knocks out the faker, Majitani, in a single punch. After giving the opponent 3 advices, he returns to his teammates.


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