Chapter 19
Chapter 19
Japanese Title


Romanized Title

Tasūketsu no Wana

English Title

The Trap of Majority Rules

Volume 3

287th Hunter Exam arc

Chapter 18
Chapter 20
Chapters and Volumes

The Trap of Majority Rules is chapter 19 of Hunter x Hunter.


Leorio wants the next match to start but a prisoner claims that Kurapika has not won because Majitani is only unconscious. Killua and Leorio tell Kurapika to finish him off but he refuses to hit an unconscious opponent. Having no choice, the applicants wait for Majitani to wake up.

In another room in the Trick Tower, Hisoka is confronted by Togari, the former examiner he almost killed one year before. Togari quickly unleashes his new saber technique, All Direction Four Blade Style, that he practiced for a year to master on Hisoka. At first Hisoka has difficulties dodging the 4 curved blades which come at him from all sides and is cut in two places. However, he suddenly catches 2 blades and twirls them with ease. He then beheads a shocked Togari and becomes the first applicant to reach the bottom of the tower.

Meanwhile, Gon's team has only 59 hours left. Killua asks his teammates if they think Majitani is dead.


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