Chapter 21
Chapter 21
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Volume 3

287th Hunter Exam arc

Chapter 20
Chapters and Volumes

Resolution is chapter 21 of Hunter x Hunter.


With Leorio's defeat, the score is 2-2 and Gon's team has less than 10 hours left. Killua is the last to fight, but upon seeing his opponent, a muscular middle-aged man, Leorio tells him to quit. It turns out that man is Johness the Dissector, the worst mass murderer in the history of Zaban City, who has torn at least 146 victims to shreds with his powerful bare hands. Despite his teammates' dissuasion Killua still walks into the fighting area. Johness tells him that it is going to be a fight to the death and that he is going to be slaughtered. While John is still talking, Killua plucks his heart off his chest in a single move. Shocked, Johness begs him to give it back but Killua only smiles mischievously and crushes it, astonishing everyone. Johness drops to the floor and dies immediately. This victory puts the final score at 3-2 in favor of the applicants but they have to wait 50 hours in a room due to losing 50 hours in betting. Killua then shows his teammates the technique he killed Johness with and says he is nothing compared to his parents. 50 hours later, they continue to advance on the Path of Majority Rules.


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