Chapter 319
Chapter 319
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Romanized Title


English Title

Lot Drawing


New Hunter Chairman Election arc

Chapter 320
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Lot Drawing is chapter 319 of Hunter x Hunter.


The Zodiac Twelve hold a meeting in the headquarters of the Hunters Association. Pariston, aka Mouse, comes late. He and Ging, aka Boar, are the only two members who do not change their appearances to match their animal signs. He acts as if he is in charge of the meeting but meets with objections from Kanzai, aka Tiger, and Piyon, aka Rabbit. Pariston then asks if Botobai, aka Dragon, the most senior member, and Cheadle, aka Dog, the member with the best procedural skills, want to preside over the meeting but they decline. In the end, only 4 members vote against Pariston being in command so he keeps leading.

He then recommends himself as a candidate for the chairmanship and that they skip the election. Most of the other members immediately release their killing aura. Ginta, aka Sheep, even threatens to kill him. Still, Pariston is not afraid in the least. He tells them he will be a suitable chairman because unlike Netero and the other Zodiac Twelve members he understands the pain of the weak. Mizaistom, aka Ox, questions him about the 18 Hunters who have gone missing since he became the Vice-Chairman. Pariston only replies that the number will go down if he becomes chairman, infuriating Mizaistom.

When Mizaistom is about to come at Pariston, Ging stops him by saying he will also be a candidate. Pariston suddenly asks Ging about Gon. His words hint that he may have Gon killed but Ging challenges him back. Cheadle then proposes having a draw to decide the rules of the election. After every member has written down the rules which they think are the best on a piece of paper, Beans is chosen to draw lots. He picks one and tells them that it belongs to Ging and that rule #1 is: Every Hunter is both a voter and a candidate.


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