Chapter 320
Chapter 320
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New Hunter Chairman Election arc

Chapter 319
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Voting is chapter 320 of Hunter x Hunter.


Beans keeps reading out the rules made by Ging. Everyone is surprised by rule 5 which states that Ging is the Chairman of the Election Committee. Pariston agrees with everything except rule 5 so he suggests that they will decide on a chairman for the committee later, which is accepted by Ging and the other members. Seeing that, Beans thinks Ging is horrifying. It turns out he met Beans in the headquarters of the Hunters Association 2 days before. Predicting that a draw would be held in the meeting of the Zodiac Twelve, he gave Beans a piece of paper containing his rules and arranged things in advance with Beans so that his paper would likely be selected. Rule 5 is only there so that the other members will accept the other 4 rules.

On August 8th, many Hunters show up in the Hunters Association's headquaters to vote for the 13th Chairman, including Biscuit, Buhara, Hanzo, Hisoka, Menchi and Satotz. Hisoka is quite pleased with the power levels of Ginta, Kanzai and Piyon but he is still disappointed because most of the Hunters present are very weak. Suddenly he feels the presence of someone very strong, who turns out to be Illumi in Gittarackur's disguise. Illumi then tells Hisoka about Gon's condition, that Killua is negotiating with Silva to save Gon and that he wants to kill another younger brother of his.

The election ends with a turnout of 87.7%, smaller than the minimum requirement of 95%, so another round of election is going to be held.


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