Chapter 321
Chapter 321
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New Hunter Chairman Election arc

Chapter 320
Chapter 322
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Monster is chapter 321 of Hunter x Hunter.


The second round of election has a turnout of 88.2% so another round is going to be held. In the meeting of the Zodiac Twelve after the second round, Pariston proposes that they should temporarily confiscate the licenses of the Hunters who abstain from voting or cast ineligible votes because those actions go against Netero's will. Kanzai says such people just do not want Pariston to become chairman. Pariston retorts by taunting him about his language and math skills. Infuriated, Kanzai charges at Pariston but is stopped by Ginta, Mizaistom and Saiyu.

After negotiation, Pariston's proposal is passed with 2 additional clauses which ensure that those who have their licenses confiscated are still eligible to vote and that those who lose their licenses during the election will not lose the right to vote. Cheadle is frustrated because Pariston still has a smug smile on his face even though such clauses put him at a disadvantage. She knows they will have to do something other than relying on the turnout to stop him. Beans' thoughts reveal that Netero chose Pariston as his Vice-Chairman because he is the type Netero hated the most.

On Kukuroo Mountain, Killua is talking to Silva in his room, wanting to meet Alluka to seek her help. At first Silva refuses, saying that Alluka is uncontrollable and inhuman, and that Killua must not think of her as family. Killua is angered by those words. He bites his right thumb, reminding Silva of the blood oath not to betray a friend made earlier between them, and insists that he can save Alluka, who in turn is the only person capable of saving Gon. At the same time, Alluka is sitting unemotionally in a room full of dolls.


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