Chapter 323
Chapter 323
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New Hunter Chairman Election arc

Chapter 322
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Request is chapter 323 of Hunter x Hunter.


Illumi and Hisoka are sitting in a bar in an airship talking about Alluka. Illumi tells Hisoka about how he, Milluki and their mother Kikyo experimented with Alluka's power using their servants and innocent tourists, and about the rules of that power. According to Illumi, Killua, Gon, the Zoldycks and even Hisoka will die if Killua wishes to have Gon healed the wrong way. Fearing that Killua will voluntarily bear the huge cost of the healing of Gon, which will result in the death of the Zoldycks and Hisoka, Illumi asks Hisoka to help him kill Alluka if he himself fails to convince Killua to wish in a proper and safe way.

Meanwhile, Killua and Alluka meet each other in the vault. Alluka is very happy with Killua's sudden appearance. She calls him big brother and asks him to die for her. Killua cleverly fulfills this request by playing possum. Alluka then asks him to play Shiritori with her, and Killua agrees as well. It turns out the one who calls him 'big brother' is Alluka while the one calling him 'Killua' is a different entity.

Despite the introduction of the new rules regarding the temporary confiscation of licenses, the number of absentees in the 3rd round of the election even increases, giving it a turnout of 89.7%. In a meeting of the Zodiac Twelve, Pariston suggests that they should hold a lecture to show the rule breakers how important the election is and convince them not to abstain. Seeing that he seems to enjoy the obstacles that others have put in his way, Cheadle is inwardly angry and grudgingly admits to herself that he is similar to Netero.


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