Chapter 324
Chapter 324
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New Hunter Chairman Election arc

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Stewards is chapter 324 of Hunter x Hunter.


In the vault, Alluka asks Killua to pat her, which Killua does. Having fulfilled 3 consecutive requests, Killua can now make a wish. Silva, Kikyo and Milluki have been watching them through the CCTV screens in the monitor room. Milluki tells Silva the 5 rules of Alluka's power that he knows. Silva is surprised that Killua has not asked her to save Gon, and Milluki says that it is probably because Killua is a moron who does not want to sacrifice strangers to save a friend.

Killua asks Silva to open the door of the vault but Silva refuses. Killua then wishes that Nanika, the unknown entity, will kill their mother if they cannot leave the mountain together within 30 minutes. It turns out Nanika must touch something to restore it. Having no choice, Silva allows Killua and Alluka to go to Gon's hospital but he puts them under Movement Restriction Level 4 according to which Killua is going to be monitored by a number of servants. Any violation of the rules of this level will cause him to be brought back to the mansion.

Killua tells Morel by phone that he is going to the hospital then chooses Gotoh and Canary as his bodyguards. When they are about to leave the mountain, 2 female servants, Amane and Tsubone, show up and say they are ordered by Silva to go with them. Tsubone even threatens to knock Killua out as soon as he breaks any rule. Alluka suddenly asks for the nail of one of Tsubone's pinkies. After giving it to Alluka and telling Killua that she will be secretly watching over him, Tsubone disappears. Even though it is impossible for Killua to make a wish now, he is still confident that he will be able to save Gon and Alluka by 'ordering' Nanika.


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