Chapter 325
Chapter 325
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New Hunter Chairman Election arc

Chapter 324
Chapter 326
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Participation is chapter 325 of Hunter x Hunter.


While heading for the hospital by car, Gotoh and Killua receive a call from Leorio, who is visiting Gon in the hospital. After a short argument between Gotoh and Leorio, Killua tells the latter to do what Gotoh says. Gotoh then asks Leorio to evacuate everyone from the hospital except for Gon when they arrive. Unable to meet such a condition, Leorio hands over his mobile to Morel, who tells Gotoh that he will construct an isolated room for Gon in the parking lot of the hospital and arrange things so that no one will know what they are going to do inside. After Gotoh accepts this offer, he calls Knov and tells him to set up a separate room with no monitors, no windows, nor machines in it.

Leorio then leaves the hospital, trusting Morel with communicating with Killua, and tries to contact Kurapika by mobile but Kurapika does not answer the call. He finally arrives at the Hunters Association's headquarters where an electoral lecture is being held by the Zodiac Twelve. After Pariston finishes calling for the Hunters not to abstain, Leorio raises his hand and asks Ging why he has not visited Gon. Ging replies that he does not have to because Gon has many friends like Leorio and that Gon himself has never asked Ging to visit him. Enraged by those words, Leorio throws a punch at a nearby desk, breaking it into pieces. A dark portal then opens on top of the long desk in front of Ging and a clenched fist flies out, punching him in the chin and sending him flying. Seeing that, many Hunters applaud his audacious act. The 4th round of election then ends with a turnout of 97.1%.


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