Chapter 326
Chapter 326
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New Hunter Chairman Election arc

Chapter 325
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Opening is chapter 326 of Hunter x Hunter.


Because the turnout of the 4th round of the election exceeded 95%, the number of candidates in the 5th round is reduced to 16. Meanwhile, Killua is still on the way to the hospital. Thanks to Gotoh's information, he knows that Silva and Zeno only want to control Alluka but Illumi wants to kill her. He suddenly receives a call from Illumi, who asks him about the needle in his brain. After Killua says that he took it out, Illumi's words imply that he does not consider Alluka a family member and will kill her.

As soon as Killua challenges Illumi back, the latter manipulates a car and two trucks to drive Killua's car off the mountain road into a forest below. Watching from a distance, Hisoka remarks that Illumi is too extreme. Illumi replies that he has no choice because Killua is hiding some rules of Alluka's ability and asks Hisoka to eliminate the servants. Hisoka then asks if he can kill Killua, making Illumi explode with anger and give off an intense killing aura for a moment. He suspects this is a deliberate provocation by Hisoka to give away their location, but Hisoka says it is a joke.

In the forest, Amane suggests getting away from Illumi as far as possible. While running, she tells Killua, who is carrying Alluka, that she and Tsubone have a duty to protect him as well. Killua suddenly stops, activates Godspeed, and tells the servants that as long as they do not consider protecting Alluka part of their missions, they will remain his and Alluka's enemies.


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