Chapter 327
Chapter 327
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New Hunter Chairman Election arc

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Riddle is chapter 327 of Hunter x Hunter.


Killua uses his Godspeed ability to get away from the 3 servants with Alluka. Gotoh calls another servant on the phone and tells them about the situation. At around the same time, Tsubone is following Killua while feeling emotional about his quick growth. She thinks that he will not lose to Illumi then criticizes herself for not being able to love Illumi and Milluki because of their likeness to Kikyo Zoldyck.

After running far enough to only see a thin streak of smoke rising from where their car just crashed, Killua stops to save electricity. Alluka suddenly asks if she is a hindrance to him. He answers that he will always love her and be with her no matter what happens, and gives her a hug. While doing so, he senses the presence of someone.

Meanwhile, Gotoh, Amane and Canary are confronted by Hisoka, who makes the first attack by throwing cards at them. Gotoh flicks his coins forwards, knocking the cards down and attacking Hisoka at the same time, but Hisoka easily catches the coins with his sticky, elastic aura. Gotoh then orders the female servants to go after Killua and let him handle Hisoka alone.

After they have left, Gotoh shoots a number of coins at Hisoka again. Hisoka blocks them with a sheet of Bungee Gum and remarks that they are much slower than before. However Gotoh has added rotation to those coins and they twist Hisoka’s arms around each other. At the same time, Gotoh fires more coins at him, thinking that he will surely be killed. Hisoka manages to dodge the coin bullets by cancelling the Bungee Gum on his arms and under his feets to spring up a tree.

Taking advantage of the elasticity of the Bungee Gum he set up when throwing out the first set of cards, Hisoka then increases his movement speed to a point that Gotoh cannot keep up with and shoots all the coins back at Gotoh simultaneously from various directions. While Gotoh is busy striking down those coins, Hisoka suddenly appears above him, hanging from a tree by a Bungee Gum cord attached to the right feet, and slits his throat with 2 cards.