Chapter 329
Chapter 329
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New Hunter Chairman Election arc

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Spy is chapter 329 of Hunter x Hunter.


Teradain, Lupe and Bushidora make a joint statement before round 5 of the election, calling their supporters to vote for Teradain. This round finishes with a turnout of 95.8% so the number of candidates is to be cut by half in the next round. Meanwhile, Hisoka has killed all the people sent to stop him. He wants to send Illumi an altered image of the flight paths but Illumi says he already knows which airship Killua is on thanks to the spy. At the same time, Tsubone notices she has been followed by someone who she cannot shake off. She then calls Amane to her, transforms into a small jet, ascends above the clouds and tells Amane to fire at any aircraft that comes near Killua's airship.

In the Hunters Association's HQ, Teradain and co. think the 20 people they sent to deal with Illumi have been taken out. Bushidora decides to go out himself to prove that he is worthy of being captain of the elite Seirin group that they are trying to reestablish. Lupe suggests hiring some new Hunters from the Temp Hunter Pool to help them. His true intention is to get them killed, thus increasing the number of absentees in the next round of the election, rendering it invalid. Pariston easily figures out what Lupe and his comrades are thinking and he has no problem allowing some Temp Hunters to join them.

Round 6 of the election has a turnout of less than 95% so another round is to be held with the same candidates. Lupe then rushes into Teradain's office and tells him about the annihilation of Bushidora and all the other people they sent out.

On the airship, Killua calls Canary, asking her to have Hishita send out 3 cars to the locations he listed. After landing, he tells Hishita to take him to the hospital but their way are soon blocked by Needle People. Killua orders Hishita to crash their way through but the servant replies that he cannot. It turns out he too is a Needle Man. At the same time, Illumi walks out from the forest. Killua realizes that he has been completely surrounded.


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