Chapter 330
Chapter 330
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New Hunter Chairman Election arc

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Confession is chapter 330 of Hunter x Hunter.


Killua is astonished by Illumi's appearance. He asks Illumi how he could know their location. Illumi says he will answer if Killua hands over Alluka. When Killua is about to call out Nanika to escape from Illumi, Tsubone shows up and says she is the spy. It turns out Milluki has been sending the video feed from her monocle to Illumi's cell phone. Even though she was able to figure out what was happening, she could not remove the monocle because wearing it was an order from Kikyo.

Seeing Tsubone, Alluka asks her for a middle finger nail then a ring finger nail. After she fulfills those requests, Alluka turns into Nanika. Tsubone and Amane want Killua to make a wish to get away and let them handle the consequences. Still, Illumi is not afraid in the least. He challenges Killua to sacrifice the innocent servants to kill him and is willing to die as long as rest of the Zoldyck Family is safe and his image is engraved on Killua's heart forever. Watching from a distance, Hisoka decides to kill Alluka to make both Killua and Illumi his enemies.

Killua cries and asks Nanika to heal Tsubone's hand, which she does. After she falls asleep, he reveals that Nanika needs to touch the target to heal it and that if one asks Nanika to heal something, there will not be any bad consequences. He warns Illumi not to refer to Nanika as a tool if he still wants to be Killua's brother. Seeing that, Hisoka leaves. Illumi also leaves, but not before telling Killua that Alluka will not be free until he reveals everything he knows about her power.

Some time afterwards, Teradain announces the death of Bushidora and other Hunters they sent out on TV through a camera in his apartment. He wants Morel to be the new captain of the Seirin group but Morel refuses to join up with him. While Teradain is not paying attention, Hisoka kills him from behind. Round 7 of the election ends with a voting rate of 95.1% so the number of candidates is going to be cut down to 4 in the next round.


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