Chapter 332
Chapter 332
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New Hunter Chairman Election arc

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Applause is chapter 332 of Hunter x Hunter.


Mizaistom is the first candidate to give a speech. He calls for his supporters to vote for Cheadle. To his surprise, Cheadle appeals to her supporters vote for Leorio in her speech, making Pariston's smirk disappear. Leorio is the next to step forward. He says that if he becomes the Chairman he will order members of the Hunters Association to do everything necessary to save Gon. His spontaneous, emotional and sincere speech is greeted with rapturous applause from the audience. Seeing this, Cheedle finally understands why Ging did not dodge Leorio's punch--Leorio can become the new Chairman if all of them support him. She thinks that Pariston will have no chance of winning because with her 87 votes, Mizaistom's 72 votes, Leorio's 95 votes and the 57 fluctuating votes, Leorio will get a majority of 311 votes.

Meanwhile in the hospital, Killua asks Alluka who has just waken up to turn into Nanika and return Gon to normal. At first Alluka refuses because she wants to stay with him, but after he promises that he will be with her, no matter what, she agrees and transforms into the unknown entity. It turns out Alluka is only awake when Nanika is sleeping. Killua's inner thoughts reveal that:

  • Alluka is there after someone fails to meet Nanika’s requests and is killed until the next person gets requested;
  • Alluka is there after Nanika’s requests are interrupted by the recipient of the requests leaving her; and
  • Alluka is there after Nanika has healed something and fallen asleep until Alluka grants another wish.

He plans to make Nanika disappear forever by not making any wish after Nanika has healed Gon. At the same time Illumi is listening to the conversation between Killua and Alluka using his mobile phone. He wants to know the secret rule of Alluka's power so that he will be able to control it. Standing next to Killua and Alluka, Tsubone thinks that Illumi is so evil that he has strayed from the path of an assassin and that Killua was happier when he was still under manipulation.


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