Chapter 333
Chapter 333
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New Hunter Chairman Election arc

Chapter 332
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Rumbles is chapter 333 of Hunter x Hunter.


Pariston surprises everyone in his speech by praising Mizaistom for being the fittest candidate who possesses strength, experience and caliber while belittling himself, Cheadle and Leorio. His true intention is to split the votes of Mizaistom's supporters so that Leorio will not be able to achieve a majority. Mizaistom thinks that Pariston is someone from the dark side of the society and wants to make use of the election to destroy his influence over the Hunters Organization. Round 8 of the election ends with Leorio being #1, Pariston being #2 and a turnout of 95.4%. Because no majority has been reached, another round is to be held with them being the only two candidates.

Meanwhile in Gon's room, Killua almost breaks into tears when he gives Nanika Gon's rotted hand. When Nanika starts to heal Gon, everyone in the vicinity of the room feels a surge of aura. Illumi, seeing what has happened through his cell phone and feeling that aura, bursts out laughing maniacally and thinks to himself that he will have this power at all costs. In the Hunters Association's headquarters, Cheadle, Ging, Mizaistom and Pariston also notice that surge of aura. Ging pretends that he is sleeping but Pariston already saw his reaction to it. He smiles confidently then asks Leorio right before the start of Round 9 what he is going to do if he becomes chairman.


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