Chapter 334
Chapter 334
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English Title

Complete Defeat


New Hunter Chairman Election arc

Chapter 333
Chapter 335
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Complete Defeat is chapter 334 of Hunter x Hunter.


After Leorio admits he is only thinking of saving Gon and he has no idea about matters relating to the future personnel or reorganization of the Hunters Association, Pariston suddenly announces that he wants to make an urgent motion whereby the Hunters present will vote on the abolition of the current Hunter Exam regulations, which are Commandments 3 and 4. Kanzai protests against that idea, saying the Zodiac Twelve already agreed not to change the Commandments. Pariston easily counters by pointing out that Cheadle and Mizaistom were already eliminated and that he is proposing the motion as the Vice-Chairman and not as a Zodiac Twelve member.

Frustrated with Pariston and believing that he does not care about winning or losing, Cheadle declares that she will act as Leorio's advisor and will improve the Hunter Exam thoroughly. While they are still arguing, Gon, who looks perfectly healthy, enters the election hall with his friends such as Hanzo and Morel and is greeted with thunderous applause. Morel then has Leorio promise that he will not let Gon know that it is Killua who saved him.

Cheadle immediately realizes she has lost and that Pariston's motion is merely a tactic employed to delay the election until Gon's arrival. Hurt by this defeat, she begs him to explain everything to her. He tells her that he has had this scene in mind since their first meeting when Ging stated with great confidence that Gon would not die. Ging's absence during the election and Leorio's claim that a friend was risking his life to save Gon allowed him to have a clear understanding of what was happening. And the moment he felt that surge of aura he knew he had won because Gon had been saved by that friend. Cheadle cannot believe Pariston had faith in someone he had never seen but he tells her that he could because Ging, his enemy, also believed that his son would be saved by that person.

Meanwhile, Dwun and List smile at Gon and gesture towards Ging.


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