Chapter 336
Chapter 336
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New Hunter Chairman Election arc

Chapter 335
Chapter 337
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Cancellation is chapter 336 of Hunter x Hunter.


Illumi concludes that when Killua orders something, Nanika will not consider it a wish and will obey the order without asking for anything in return. He declares that he is the one who can make best use of Nanika's power and promises that if Killua hands over Alluka, he will give her some freedom so that she will not be locked up. Killua says he is going to protect Alluka. He then wakes Nanika up and tells her to send Illumi back home. Illumi's suspicion that Killua's orders are absolute thus is confirmed. He decides he will control Alluka by controlling Killua.

In Gon's room, Killua asks Tsubone and Amane to let them talk to each other alone for a while. After they have left, he tells Nanika not to come out anymore. Nanika keeps saying she likes Killua but in the end she follows the order. Alluka then wakes up and gets angry at him for making Nanika cry. She states that Killua will also need to protect Nanika. Killua calls Nanika out again and apologizes to her. He explains that he feared she would come to be controlled by Illumi like he once was. He then says he will protect her and orders her not to listen to anyone else's wishes. Nanika forgives him. Meanwhile, Tsubone receives a call ordering her to tell Killua that his restriction order has been cancelled.

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