Chapter 337
Chapter 337
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New Hunter Chairman Election arc

Chapter 336
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Repentance is chapter 337 of Hunter x Hunter.


The koala bear ant who used to be an assassin tells Kite how he shot to death a little girl with red hair who looked like Kite. Even though he did so to prevent her from having to face a terrifying ordeal that would have happened, he now regrets that he did not shoot the ants who were chasing her. He admits he is even worse than those ants because he prayed that she would escape as he shot her. Kite says his duty is to come with her now and work for her in order to truly repent and that she will kill him if his resolve ever falters.

Gon then comes and apologizes to Kite. Kite says she was not wrong because Gon eventually went on to beat an enemy that she could not defeat. Kite thanks Gon and says he should hurry back to where Ging is. She then leaves with the koala bear ant. When Gon returns to the Hunters Association's headquarters, Ging is no longer there. He left a message for Gon saying he will be waiting for him at the top of the world tree Yggdrasil.

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