Japanese: アマネ
Romanized: Amane
Debut: Chapter 324
Japanese VA:
Other VA:
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Blood Type:
Relative(s): Tsubone (grandmother)
Occupation(s): Zoldyck Family's butler
Type: Unknown

Amane is a female butler of the Zoldyck Family. She and her grandmother Tsubone[1] are Silva's most trusted subordinates[2].

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Like the other female butlers of the Zoldyck Family, Amane wears a dark-colored pantsuit and tie. She has a flat nose and relatively long black hair that is combed backwards, leaving two hair strands hanging down over her forehead.

Amane is loyal to Silva. She is not good at hiding her expressions when her grandmother is not around. While she appears to be calm and cold she is also kind on the inside and can get anxious or embarrassed quite easily.


New Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

After Killua makes a wish that Nanika will kill Kikyo if they cannot leave Kukuroo Mountain in 30 minutes, Silva has no choice but to let them go. However, he orders Tsubone and Amane, his most trusted subordinates, to accompany them to Gon's hospital. If Killua violates any rules of Level 4 of Movement Restriction, such as getting away from Alluka for more than 1 meter, Tsubone and Amane will immediately bring him back home.

On the way, Killua's car is driven off the mountain road into a forest by Illumi. Amane suggests getting away from Illumi as far as possible. While running, she tells Killua, who is carrying Alluka, that she and Tsubone have a duty to protect him as well. Killua suddenly stops, activates Godspeed, and tells the servants that as long as they do not consider protecting Alluka part of their missions they will remain his and Alluka's enemies before running off with Alluka.

When Amane, Gotoh and Canary are about to go after Killua, they are confronted by Hisoka, who makes the first attack by throwing cards at them. Gotoh flicks his coins forwards, knocking the cards down. He orders the female butlers to go ahead and let him handle Hisoka alone. Tsubone then calls Amane and Canary to her and transforms into a motorcycle running on their aura. When the 3 of them are about to overtake Killua, he loses them again by running off into a forest.


Amane is a Nen user but her Nen abilities have yet to be revealed.


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