Chapter 11
Chapter 11
Japanese Title


Romanized Title

Tōzen no Kekka

English Title

The Inevitable Outcome

Volume 2

287th Hunter Exam arc

Chapter 10
Chapter 12
Chapters and Volumes

The Inevitable Outcome is chapter 11 of Hunter x Hunter.


Buhara passes all the 70 applicants who are able to submit whole roast pigs to him, eating all the pigs. Menchi says he went too easy on them but he tells her that they are not required to judge them by the tastes of their foods. In the 2nd test, Menchi asks the remaining applicants to prepare an ethnic dish name nigiri sushi for her. At first, none of the applicants except for Hanzo, who is from the country of sushi, and Kurapika, who has read books about sushi, knows what it is. Kurapika tells Leorio that they will need fish to make sushi and the latter unintentionally gives that piece of information away to the others. Wasting no time, all of them rush to the pools and streams nearby to catch fish.

Leorio is the first to submit his sushi, but Menchi throws it away immediately, saying it does not have a proper shape. Next, she fails the pieces of sushi submitted by Gon and a number of other applicants. Seeing that, Kurapika analyzes the hints given by her and concludes that it has to be an egg-sized piece of sushi. His sushi however is thrown away as well. Hanzo then submits a decent-looking piece of sushi, but Machi still does not pass it, saying it is not tasty. Shocked by her decision, he accidentally reveals the method of making nigiri sushi. Thanks to that, all the applicants now submit pieces of sushi that look acceptable but Menchi is too picky for them to satisfy. She quickly becomes full and decides that none of them passes Phase Two.


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