Chapter 14
Chapter 14
Japanese Title


Romanized Title

Mayonaka no Gēmu (2)

English Title

A Game at Midnight, Part 2

Volume 2

287th Hunter Exam arc

Chapter 13
Chapter 15
Chapters and Volumes

A Game at Midnight, Part 2 is chapter 14 of Hunter x Hunter.


After playing for quite a while, seeing that neither Gon nor Killua is able to take the ball from him, Netero tells them to tackle him together. Even with their combined effort, they still fail to get it. Killua then gives up when he realizes that Netero has been using his left arm and right leg only. Gon however says he will force Netero to use the right arm. Unable to persuade Gon, Killua leaves. He bumps into two contenders #390 and #391 in the corridor and kills them to relieve the blood lust that the game has stirred in him.

Gon keeps charging at Netero unsuccessfully for some time. Finally, he tries to headbutt him in full force. Afraid of damaging Gon's skull, Netero dodges by using his right hand to jump over Gon. Missing Netero, Gon hits the wall with his head, but seeing that Netero has used the right arm he passes out happily. It is already 4:20 am. Netero thinks that Gon is a little crazy. He then calls the captain of the airship, telling him to slow down so that Gon had enough time to rest.

The airship arrives at the top of the Trick Tower at 9:30 am, one and a half hour later than scheduled. Beans tells the remaining 40 candidates that in Phase Three they will have 72 hours to get to the bottom of the tower alive.


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