Chapter 15
Chapter 15
Japanese Title


Romanized Title

Tasūketsu no Michi

English Title

The Path of Majority Rules

Volume 2

287th Hunter Exam arc

Chapter 14
Chapter 16
Chapters and Volumes

The Path of Majority Rules is chapter 15 of Hunter x Hunter.


When most of the applicants are still wondering how to get to the bottom of the tower because it has no window, applicant #86, a climber, smirks and begins to climb down making use of the cracks on the side of the tower. However, some grotesque giant birds soon come and tear him apart. Seeing that, the remaining applicants know that there must be trapdoors on top of the tower and start looking for them.

Gon, Killua, Kurapika and Leorio find 4 trapdoors close to each other. After passing through the doors, they meet again in a room and see 5 countdown watches already placed there for them, each of which has 2 buttons X and O. As soon as they put on 4 of the watches, a voice tells them over the loudspeaker of the room that their path is the Path of Majority Rules. The quartet have no choice but to wait for another applicant in the room. After more than 2 hours, that person finally comes but to their disappointment he is Tonpa.


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