Chapter 3
Chapter 3
Japanese Title


Romanized Title

Kyūkyoku no Sentaku

English Title

The Ultimate Choice

Volume 1

287th Hunter Exam arc

Anime Episode

4 (1999); 2 (2011)

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The Ultimate Choice is chapter 3 of Hunter x Hunter.


After arriving at Dolle Harbor, the Captain advises Gon that if he wants to get to the site of the exam in Zaban City quicker, he should head for a cedar tree on top of a mountain in the opposite direction of the city. Another applicant, Matthew, overhears their conversation and tails Gon. Kurapika follows Gon to the tree whereas Leorio decides to wait for the bus. However, he too follows Gon after learning that the bus is just a trap to reduce applicants. On the way, they are stopped in a deserted alley by an old lady, who is an examiner, and a number of mask-wearing people.

In order to pass, they have to correctly answer one of her 2-choice quizzes in 5 seconds. Matthew wants to answer first and is asked who he would choose if he could only save either his mother or his girlfriend. Matthew chooses to save his mother. The lady then shows him a wrong way, leading to him being attacked by beasts. Leorio is annoyed by the dilemmatic nature of the quizzes. Kurapika, who notices what has happened to Matthew, wants to tell him the truth but the lady forbids him to utter anything other than the answer. She then asks them who they would save between their daughter and their son. Really mad, Leorio picks up a wooden stick as they fail to give an answer within the time limit. He swings it at the lady but Kurapika blocks his attack and tells him that they have passed because keeping silence is the correct answer. As two mask-wearing people open the entrance of the right way, Leorio apologizes to the lady for his rude behavior. They then say goodbye to her and head for the tree.