Chapter 335
Chapter 335
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New Hunter Chairman Election arc

Chapter 334
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Decision is chapter 335 of Hunter x Hunter.


Gon goes up to Ging, bursts into tears and says it is his fault that Kite was killed and reborn as a little girl. Ging tells him to calm down and says he is responsible for being weak but Kite should be the one to blame for misjudging Gon's abilities. He urges Gon to go apologize to Kite. Gon wants to talk to him more later but Ging says he is busy. Seeing that, other Hunters boo him, forcing him to agree to wait for Gon. Piyon asks them to be quiet so that the election can go on. Pariston suddenly asks Gon to answer sincerely between him and Leorio who he thinks will be a better chairman, astonishing Cheadle.

Gon crushes Cheadle's last hope by claiming that Leorio cannot become chairman since he wants to be a doctor. He and Leorio then leave the election hall. Ging calls out to him, advising him not to blame himself because Kite's ability has a special mode called 'How could I die like this' that may have had something to do with him being reborn as a girl. He says Gon should apologize properly lest Kite slaps him again. Noticing the word 'again' Gon smiles happily, knowing Kite told Ging about when he saved Gon from being killed by a Foxbear mother.

The 9th vote ends with a valid turnout and Pariston winning a majority. He immediately assigns Cheadle as the new Vice-Chairman and resigns, surprising everyone, including Ging. Feeling humiliated, Cheadle finds him outside the hall when he is leaving and asks him to explain. He replies that he just wanted to play a little more with Chairman Netero and he is not interested in the position of chairman. Then, looking somewhat emotional, he tells her to reform the 10 Commandments and the Hunter Exam. Before leaving, Pariston warns her not to make the Hunters Association become boring, otherwise he will come back and seriously make fun of her.

After getting on a car, Gon asks Leorio about Killua, wanting to apologize to him for saying bad things when facing Pitou, but Leorio tries to evade the issue. Meanwhile, Killua is embracing Alluka in front of the isolated room in the hospital's parking lot and facing Illumi.


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