Chapter 4
Chapter 4
Japanese Title

魔獣 凶狸狐

Romanized Title

Majū Kiriko

English Title

Kiriko: Wicked Magical Vulpes

Volume 1

287th Hunter Exam arc

Anime Episode

5 (1999); 2 (2011)

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Kiriko: Wicked Magical Vulpes is chapter 3 of Hunter x Hunter.


Upon entering a house under the cedar tree, Gon, Kurapika and Leorio see a married couple being attacked by a Kiriko, a magical beast capable of human speech and shapeshifting. The monster immediately runs away into the forest carrying the wife. Kurapika tells Leorio to take care of the injured husband then chases after the Kiriko together with Gon. Gon manages to catch up with and hit the Kiriko in the head with his fishing rod, forcing it to drop the wife, who is caught safely by Kurapika.

As Kurapika notices the strange tattoos on the wife's wrist, Leorio shows up, saying that the husband is all right and sleeping. Kurapika suddenly hits Leorio in the face with his wooden swords. It turns out this Leorio is a Kiriko in disguise. After it flees, Kurapika threatens the wife and asks her who she really is. At the same time, Gon is able to tell 2 almost identical Kiriko apart, surprising them. The Kiriko then reveal the truth that they are a family of 4 Kiriko who work as navigators and examiners for the Hunters Association. They commend the trio for having good knowledge and skills and fly them to Zaban City.