Chapter 5
Chapter 5
Japanese Title


Romanized Title

Dai Ichi-ji Shiken Kaishi (1)

English Title

The First Phase Begins, Part 1

Volume 1

287th Hunter Exam arc

Anime Episode

6 (1999); 3 (2011)

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The First Phase Begins, Part 1 is chapter 5 of Hunter x Hunter.


After arriving in Zaban City, a Kiriko leads Gon, Kurapika and Leorio to an empty room in a very oridinary restaurant. As the Kiriko leaves, the room starts to go down, taking the trio to a huge underground tunnel where they see a large number of experts waiting there. Candidate #16 Tonpa, nicknamed the Rookie Crusher, greets them and says that with their arrival the total number of candidates is 405. He then introduces some of the candidates to them, such as #103 Bourbon, #255 Todo, #76 Cherry, the Amori brothers, #384 Geretta, and especially #44 Hisoka the Magician, who was disqualified last year for almost killing an examiner and who has just cut off the arms of a candidate for bumping into him without apologizing.

Tonpa next offers them 3 cans of a strong laxative-spiked drink. However, Gon's highly developed sense of taste helps him notice there is something wrong with the drink and he spits it out in time, causing Tonpa to be very surprised as the laxative is almost flavorless. Seeing that, Kurapika and Leorio also pour away their cans.