Japanese: エレナ
Romanized: Erena
Debut: Chapter 146
Japanese VA: Kae Araki (1999)
Other VA:
Gender: Female
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Blood Type:
Relative(s): Eeta (twin sister)
Occupation(s): G.I. Gamemaster
Status: Alive
Type: Unknown
Nen: Unknown

Elena is one of the gamemasters and creators of the game Greed Island. She is also Eeta's twin sister. They look almost identical to each other, except that Elena wears a shoulder-strap scoopneck dress and a neckband whereas Eeta wears a high halter-neck one.

Elena is in charge of Greed Island's only exit and helps send any player who wants to leave to one of the fifty-odd destinations they can choose from. She is first seen when Killua leaves the island to take the 288th Hunter Exam[1]. When Gon wants to get out of the game after clearing it, Elena congratulates him at the exit and is happy that he remembers her name. However, when he uses an Accompany card that he thinks will take him and Killua to Nigg, who is actually Ging, she sends them to Kite instead. It turns out Ging told her beforehand to take Gon to him if and only if Gon used Magnetic Force[2].


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