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Heavens Arena (1999)

Heavens Arena

Heavens Arena (2011)

The Heaven Arena (天空闘技場, Tenkū Tōgijō) is the mecca for fighters, violent people and sports gamblers in the known world of Hunter x Hunter.


The arena is on the same continent as the Republic of Padokia, Killua's home country, but is located in the eastern part of the continent, opposite of where Padokia is. Being 991 m tall, the Heavens Arena is the 4th highest building in the known world[1] with 251 floors in total. Because it always has exciting matches and the audience can wager on the outcomes of the competitions, it attracts great numbers of visitors, around 1 billion visitors every year. For those who have just become Hunters and want to test how strong they really are, going to this place is a good choice[2].


To fight in the Heavens Arena one only needs to fill out a simple registration form, but only by winning can they go to a higher floor. The higher they go, the better the rewards get. The winners on the high floors will be given very handsome rewards, of which the most common type is prize money. On average, there are 4,000 people challenging fighters from higher floors every day[3].

In the Heavens Arena, winners are determined by KO (knockout), TKO (technical knockout) or by points. 1 point is awarded for any clean hit, 2 points are awarded for a critical hit--one that deals more damage than a normal hit does--, and 1 additional point is awarded for every time a contestant knocks the opponent down to the mat. Once the contestant earns 10 points, they will win by TKO.

From level 200, a contestant needs to win 10 fights to move up. However, if they lose 4 matches they will be disqualified. After 10 victories, they will be able to challenge a Floor Master--one of the 21 highest ranked fighters in the arena, each of whom has an entire floor between the 230th and 250th floors. When the contestant challenges a Floor Master and wins, they will become a new Floor Master and eligible to advance to Floor 251, the highest floor, to participate in the Battle Olympia, the Biennial Festival of Combat[4].

People in the Heavens ArenaEdit


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