1999 - 2011

Imori 2011

Japanese: イモリ
Romanized: Imori
Debut: Chapter 5; Episode 6 (1999); Episode 3 (2011)
Japanese VA: Kenji Nakano (1999);
Shounosuke Horikoshi (2011)
Other VA: Will Wood (English, 1999);
Lucien Dodge (English, 2011)
Gender: Male
Eye Color:
Hair Color: Black (1999); Light brown (2011)
Blood Type:
Relative(s): Amori (big brother); Umori (brother)

Imori is the most cowardly of the Amori Brothers and applicant #198 in the 287th Hunter Exam. He always wears a baseball cap. During the first phase, Satotz's marathons, he and his brothers help Tonpa drive away a rookie named Nicole, showing that they have known him for some time and have likely worked together with him before.

In Phase Four on Zevil Island, Imori stalks and attacks Killua, his designated target. However, Killua easily snatches his badge. Knowing that Killua is no ordinary kid, the 3 brothers decide to gang up on him but he effortlessly defeats Amori and takes their remaining badges, one of which gives him 3 points[1]. Killua then throws the 2 badges he does not need away into the forest, eliminating the three brothers[2].

One year later, Imori and his brothers attend the 288th Hunter Exam, only to be easily knocked unconscious together with the rest of the applicants in the first phase by Killua. Seeing the tremendous gap in abilities between him and themselves, Imori and his brothers decide to never take the Hunter Exam again.


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