1999 - 2011

Kastro 2011

Japanese: カストロ
Romanized: Kasutoro
Debut: Chapter 52;
Episode 40 (1999)
Japanese VA: Yuuji Kishi (1999)
Other VA:
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Bluish Purple (1999);
Blue Sapphire (2011)
Hair Color: Light Green (1999); White (2011)
Blood Type:
Occupation(s): Heavens Arena fighter
Status: Deceased
Type: Enhancement
Nen: Tiger Bite Fist;
Divine Tiger Bite Fist

Kastro is one of the very few fighters in the Heavens Arena who could score points against Hisoka.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kastro is a relatively tall young man with long, straight, slightly off-center parted hair. He wears a cape over a robe. Despite being a resolute and proud fighter, he is quite friendly and tactful.


2 years before the beginning of the main story, Kastro suffered a defeat at the hands of Hisoka on Floor 200 of the Heavens Arena in which he was attacked with Nen when knowing nothing about it. Even then, he was able to earn 3 points during the match, one of which was awarded for the only knock-down blow that Hisoka ever took in the arena[1]. Following the defeat, he underwent intense training to take revenge on Hisoka. Kastro then won 9 consecutive matches on Floor 200 before being scheduled to have a rematch with him in April 2000.



Kastro is an Enhancer. His techniques include:

  • Tiger Bite Fist (虎咬拳 (ここうけん) Kokōken): After forming 2 tiger-like claws with his hands, Kastro channels his aura into them. He will then use both of these Nen-enhanced claws to attack a certain body part of the opponent simultaneously, ripping it apart. This technique resembles the bite of a tiger, hence its name.
  • Double (分身 (ダブル) lit. Doppelganger): Kastro creates a double of himself out of his aura. He can manipulates it to confuse or attack the opponent from unexpected directions. However, because he is not a natural-born Conjurer, he cannot make it appear in emergency situations[2]. Another weakness of this technique is that the double always looks the same, clean and undamaged, no matter what happens to Kastro. Therefore after a while the opponent can distinguish him from it.
  • Divine Tiger Bite Fist (虎咬真拳 (ここうしんけん) Kokōshinken): This is a combination of the Tiger Bite Fist and the Double techniques. Instead of using the Tiger Bite Fist himself, Kastro manipulates the double to perform it for him[3].


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