Kite chimera ant
カイト Kaito
Reina (レイナ, Reina)
Appearances Anime, Manga
Manga Début Chapter 215
Status Active
Gender Female Icon Female
Race Chimera Ant
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Kite (カイト, Kaito) is a Chimera Ant

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

As a Chimera ant, Kite looks exactly like a short human girl with a ratlike tail. She has red hair and freckles. Her personality seems to be the same as that of the human Kite--kind-hearted, professional, straightforward and somewhat strict.


Chimera Ant arcEdit

Kite is born prematurely as a tiny infant after Meruem forcibly breaks open the Queen's abdomen to get to the outside world[1]. After finding her in the Queen's remains, Colt, a squadron leader extremely loyal to the Queen, swears to protect her at all costs. She is then raised by him like a normal human being so that both of them are granted protection by Morel. Despite that, she still grows at the rate of a Chimera ant and by the end of the Chimera Ant crisis she already looks like a human girl in early childhood. The Hunters Association then classifies her and Colt as magical beasts to keep them from being hunted down. Colt calls her Reina, but she herself insists that her name is Kite[2].

New Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

Near the end of the election for the 13th Hunter Chairman, Ging guesses that Kite could survive and was reborn as a girl probably thanks to a special mode of the Crazy Slots ability called How could I die like this?[3]. A koala-like Chimera ant, who used to be an assassin when he was a human, then finds her and confesses that he shot to death a red-haired little girl who looked just like she does now as she was being chased by some Chimera ants. The koala ant regrets he did not kill those ants instead, and claims that he is even worse and more cowardly than them for having always run from everything. Kite tells him to stay by her side and work for her to truly repent of his sins. She warns him not to let his resolve falter, otherwise she will kill him[4].

Gon then comes and apologizes to her for being weak.
Kite and his friends watching swans

Kite and his friends watching swans flying at sunrise

Kite consoles him with the fact that he defeated Pitou while she could not and says both of them did not have enough training. She urges him to go back to where Ging is then leaves with the koala ant. Later, she, the amateur Hunters in her team, the koala ant and Gon are seen in Spinner Clow's hometown, watching thousands of swans flying into the sky at sunrise[5].


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