Milluki Zoldyck
Milluki table
Japanese: ミルキ=ゾルディック
Romanized: Miruki Zorudikku
Debut: Chapter 42; Episode 35 (1999)
Japanese VA: Ishizuka Katashi
Other VA:
Gender: Male
Age: please stop erasing the wiki just to add that he's a man child we get it
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Blood Type: A
Height: 182 cm 
Weight: 141 kg
Relative(s): The Zoldyck Family
Occupation(s): Assassin
Type: Manipulation
Nen: Unknown







Zoldyck Family arcEdit

Milluki first appears smoking a joint and torturing Killua with a bullwhip in the
Milluki tortures Killua

Milluki torturing Killua

Zoldyck Family's isolation chamber as punishment for leaving home and injuring him and their mother. He tries to make Killua regret his actions, but to no avail, as the difference in strength between them is too great. Killua even taunts him with ironic comments. In a last-ditch attempt to upset Killua, Milluki threatens to have the servants kill his friends. Infuriated, Killua breaks the chain on his left arm, and with a murderous stare warns him not to touch them. Zeno suddenly comes in and allows Killua to go.

Milluki is frustrated by the way his grandfather treats Killua, viewing it as soft. He then states that despite having great potential Killua is not fit to be an assassin and tries to impress Zeno by boasting that he fears nothing and has created a bomb that can be attached to a mosquito and causes it to explode when sucking blood. Zeno only tells Milluki he has wasted his intelligence making stupid things, and leaves.

Yorknew City arcEdit

Several months later, Killua calls Milluki, asking him about Greed Island in
Milluki leaving home

Milluki leaving home

exchange for a copy of a memory card of the game left by Ging[1]. After receiving the copy, Milluki is unable to reproduce Greed Island despite his skills and efforts. Desiring to unlock the secrets of the game, he promises to kill 15 people and borrows 15 billion Jenny from Silva then heads for the Southernpiece Auction in Yorknew City[2]. However, he fails to win any copy of the game during the auction and leaves the city in frustration[3].

New Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

Milluki is mentioned again when Killua returns home to seek Alluka's help. It is revealed that he made the last wish to Alluka before Killua comes back, asking for the latest computer model at that time. Later, he and his parents watch Killua and Alluka meeting each other through the CCTV screens in the monitor room. He then tells Silva the 5 rules that he knows about Alluka's power. After Killua and Alluka leave home to go to Gon's hospital, Milluki helps Illumi chase them down by sending the live video feed from a covert camera on Tsubone, a servant accompanying them, to him[4].


Milluki seems to be fairly proficient in torture. He was raised to be an assassin, but lacks the high level phyiscal fitness of Illumi, Killua and Kalluto.

He is a programming and hacking expert, and an inventor. However, the things he has created are deemed useless by other people, for example, a micro bomb equivalent to a firecracker that can be placed on a mosquito and causes it to explode upon biting the prey.


He has yet to show any Nen abilities, even though the 2004 Databook listed him as a Manipulator[5].


  • In the 1999 anime series, Milluki is also an expert at forging IDs and he made one for Killua for 500,000 Jenny so that Killua could enter a casino despite being younger than the minimum age limit[6].


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