The Miniature Rose, 'A Poor Man's Rose,' is a fictional explosive device in Hunter x Hunter.

Development and DesignEdit

Rose bomb

The Miniature Rose

The Miniature Rose, also known as the Rose Bomb, is a type of low-budget, small weapon of mass destruction with frightening destructive capabilities. It can be mass produced in short amounts of time, thus it is favored by small dictatorships. The word Rose in its names comes from the shape of the smoke cloud which looks like a rose created shortly after detonation. The bomb scatters a vast quantity of an unparalleled poison at the instant it explodes. Those who survive the initial explosion will suffer direct internal damages caused by rapid uptake of the poison. The poison catalyzes the production and emission of new poison until the victims finally succumb to death. The quantity of poison as well as the survival time prior to death are truly exquisite, propagating a vast chain reaction of victims.

Usage HistoryEdit

Rose bomb 2

The rose-like smoke cloud created by the bomb

Up until Chairman Netero's battle with the Chimera Ant King Meryem, the Miniature Rose has bloomed in more than 250 countries with a total yield 10 times as large as that of the bomb Netero was carrying in his chest, taking away the lives of 5,120,000 people. Due to terrorist usage of the bomb in the capitals of countries causing over 110,000 deaths, an international treaty was established to forbid any further production. However, more than 80% of the countries possessing the rose disapprove of the abandonment and banning of its use. Currenly, tens of thousands of Miniature Roses have been created and are waiting to be used in such countries.

Netero implanted a Rose bomb in himself so that he could kill the King in case his battle prowess did not suffice. After his defeat at the hand of the King in combat, Netero commited suicide to detonate the bomb. The explosion left Meryem in a near death state. He was rescued on time by 2 of his royal guards. However, as time progressed Meryem still eventually died due to the posion of the bomb. Aside from him, Menthuthuyoupi, Shaiapouf and Komugi were also killed by the poison.

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