Isaac Netero
1999 - 2011

Netero 2011

Japanese: アイザック=ネテロ
Romanized: Aizakku Netero
Debut: Chapter 12; Episode 10 (1999); Episode 6 (2011)
Japanese VA: Bunmei Tobayama (1999);
Ichirō Nagai (2011, Episodes 6-114);
Banjō Ginga (2011, Episodes 122-126)
Other VA: Paul Hudson (English, 1999);
Ian Alden (English, 2011)
Gender: Male
Age: 120[1]
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Grey (1999); White (2011)
Blood Type:
Relative(s): Beyond Netero (son)
Occupation(s): Hunters Association's Chairman
Status: Deceased
Type: Enhancement
Nen: 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva

Isacc Netero (アイザック=ネテロ, Aizakku Netero) was the 12th Chairman of the Hunters Association and the master of the Shingen school of martial arts (心源流 lit. Shingen style)[2].

Background Edit

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