Owl 1999
梟 Fukurō
Appearances Manga, Anime
Manga Début Volume 9, Chapter 74
Anime Début Episode 52 (1999)
Status Alive
Gender Male Icon Male
Hunter Credentials
Nen Type Conjurer
Image Gallery

Owl (梟, Fukurō) was a member of the now defunct Shadow Beasts.


Owl has large round eyes which resemble those of a real owl, a goatee and medium-length middle-parting shaggy hair. He always wears sunglasses, even at night, baggy clothes and a pair of flip-flops, looking very casual.


Yorknew City arcEdit

On September 1st 2000, after being informed that Neon predicted bad things would happen at the Mafia's underground auction, Owl comes to the Cemetery Building and removes all the items from the vault using his Fun Fun Cloth. He leaves just before some members of the Phantom Troupe infiltrate into the auction room and kill everyone. Soon afterwards, knowing that the Troupe is highly dangerous, the Ten Dons order the 10 Shadow Beasts to deal with the Troupe by themselves. Leech, Porcupine, Rabid Dog and Worm engage in battle with Uvogin of the Troupe first and are quickly killed by him despite managing to paralyze his body.

Kurapika of the Nostrade family then takes advantage of the situation to capture
Owl in the Phantom Troupe's hideout

Owl after being tortured in the Troupe's hideout

him off-guard. 5 members of the Troupe immediately chase after them. Owl and the rest of the Shadow Beasts arrive when they are about to catch up with Kurapika's car. Owl immediately jumps onto the hood of their car and tries to capture them all with his Fun Fun Cloth. However he only gets Nobunaga who was in a bad position. He and 5 other Shadow Beasts then fight Feitan, Machi, Shalnark and Shizuku but they are all killed quickly, except for Owl himself who is captured and tortured into surrendering the auction items. His Fun Fun Cloth ability is also stolen by Chrollo.

The status of Owl is currently unknown but due to the fact that Chrollo still has his power, it is highly possible that he is still alive.

Nen AbilitiesEdit

Owl is a Conjurer. He can shrink anything, be it a living
Owl shrinks the Phantom Troupe's car

Owl shrinking the Phantom Troupe's car

or a non-living thing, that is wrapped in his Fun Fun Cloth (不思議で便利な大風呂敷 (ファンファンクロス) Convenient Kerchief) then return it to the original size without causing any damage to it. Thanks to this ability he was able to carry all the auction items that filled a large vault in his pocket.

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