Piyon table
Japanese: ピヨン
Romanized: Piyon
Debut: Chapter 318
Japanese VA:
Other VA:
Gender: Female
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Blood Type:
Occupation(s): Hunter;
Zodiac Twelve member
Status: Alive
Type: Unknown

Piyon is a professional Hunter and a member of the Zodiac Twelve with the codename 'Rabbit.'


Piyon is a young woman of average height with a medium length haircut. She wears a costume consisting of a pair of bunny ears, a miniskirt, a fluffy cotton tail, a pair of long arm warmers, and a pair of leg warmers.


Piyon has a laid-back attitude; during the meetings of the Zodiac Twelve she usually focuses on her cell phone or laptop. The only time she seems to be angry is when Pariston says he wants to become the new chairman without election. She also has a mild sense of sarcasm, as shown when she mocks Pariston about his shady involvement with the Temp Hunter Pool.


New Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

After Chairman Netero's death, Piyon and the other Zodiac Twelve members gather in the Hunters Association's headquarters to determine the rules of the election for the 13th Chairman. During their first meeting, she expresses her disapproval of Pariston's tardiness and suspicious activities. She also votes against him being the leader of the meeting, but to no avail. When Pariston proposes that they skip the election and let him become chairman, Piyon and a number of other members immediately direct their hostile auras at him.

To reduce tension and to minimize Pariston's political advantage, Cheadle suggests drawing lots to decide the rules of the election. Unbeknown to Piyon and the other members, Ging already rigged the drawing two days before so that his rules would likely be selected. As a result, they have to follow his rules in electing the new Hunter Chairman. She, Ginta and Kanzai then supervise Round 1 of the election. The first 3 rounds are not valid because the voting rates do not reach 95%. After Round 3, Piyon starts to serve as an MC. The turnout of Round 4 exceeds 95%, but she is not in the first half of the candidate list and thus eliminated.


As a Hunter, Piyon can use Nen, but her Nen abilities have yet to be revealed. Hisoka gives her 77 points on a scale of his own, higher than many other professional Hunters.


  • Piyon's name is a Japanese onomatopoeic word that describes the sound created when a rabbit jumps.
  • Her appearance is quite similar to that of a Playboy Bunny.

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