Porcupine 1999
Japanese: 豪猪
Romanized: Yamaarashi
Debut: Chapter 75; Episode 53 (1999)
Japanese VA:
Other VA:
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Blood Type:
Occupation(s): Ten Dons' bodyguard
Status: Deceased
Type: Unknown
Nen: Body hair manipulation

Porcupine is one of the ten Shadow Beasts.


Porcupine is a man of small stature with tiny round eyes who does not seem to have a nose or any hair, except for a little tuff on his forehead. He wears a tracksuit and a pair of flip-flops.


Yorknew City arcEdit

On September 1 2000, after the Phantom Troupe kill all the people at the Mafia's underground auction, Porcupine and the other Shadow Beasts are sent by the Ten Dons to deal with them. He, Leech, Rabid Dog and Worm engage in battle
Porcupine killed by Uvogin's sound waves

Porcupine killed by Uvogin's sound waves

with Uvogin of the Troupe in the Gordeau Desert first. Shortly after they start, Uvogin blows Worm to pieces with his Big Bang Impact and reveals his spider tatoo. Undaunted, Porcupine, Leech and Rabid Dog charge at him together. Uvogin's right arm is immediately pierced and rendered useless by his sharp quills. Taking advantage of that, Rabid Dog tears some pieces of flesh off Uvogin using his fangs and injects a neurotoxin that paralyzes Uvogin from the neck down. He wants to make Uvogin feel the pain they are going to inflict upon him. However, when Leech approaches and transmits his special leeches to Uvogin, a large part of his head is bitten off. Uvogin then spits a small piece of Leech's skull at Rabid Dog who tries to stop it with his hand. But it has so much power that it pierces through his hand and his head, killing him. Porcupine thinks he will survive thanks to his quills but Uvogin suddenly lets out an extremely loud scream, killing him with sound waves.


Porcupine's Nen type is unknown but he can manipulate
Porcupine's quills piercing Uvogin's arm

Porcupine's quills piercing Uvogin's arm

his body hair at will and turn them into needles. His quills are sharp and strong enough to deflect bullets and pierce through Uvogin's skin, which is as hard as steel. He can also make them soft when necessary, such as if the enemy wants to use him as a boxing glove to attack his associates or if they want to slam him onto the ground.

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