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Rivals × for × Survival



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Volume 01 Chapter 005 Volume 01 Chapter 006

Japan Air Date

October 16, 2011

English Air Date

April 23, 2016




Hunter Exam Arc

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Just Awake

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Rivals × for × Survival is the 3rd episode of Hunter x Hunter 2011 anime adaptatiton, aired on October 16, 2011.

With the help of Kiriko Gon, Kurapika and Leorio arrives at Zaban City.
Upon reaching a building w/c the group thought it is where the Hunter Exam is held,
Kiriko asks them to follow him to the restaurant after the three enters they went
straight to an elevator, Kiriko then bids goodbye after he brought the two to the
Hunter Exam site and would like to meet them again next year, as he said that in the
three who are riding the elevator down had a conversation till they reach the last floor.

Upon arriving the three are given a badge w/ a number by Beans. As the three meets other
strong participants around them then a guy named Tonpa approach the three and offers
some drinks which the three declines, also Tonpa gave the three an information on some of the other applicants.
Then an event came where an applicant got his arms cut by a man named Hisoka which is known
for his actions during's last year exam where he has been disqualified for almost killing an

Then an applicant which have the same age as Gon came to get a drink from Tonpa the boy is known
to be Killua. Then Tonpa gave him the drinks w/c obviously puts poison from the juices and also
Tonpa is known as the Rookie Crasher as stated by Nicole anothe participant. Even though the drinks
has poison Killua drink them without taking effect for he told them that it doesn't effect him to
any kinds of poison. Then the first examiner callee Satotz appears and tells the applicant that they
need to follow him through the tunnel as the first phase of the exam begins.


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