Saccho Kobayakawa
Saccho table
Japanese: サッチョウ=コバヤカワ
Romanized: Sacchō Kobayakawa
Debut: Chapter 318
Japanese VA:
Other VA:
Gender: Male
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Blood Type:
Occupation(s): Trouble Hunter (2-Star);
Zodiac Twelve member

Saccho is a Double Star Trouble Hunter and a member of the Zodiac Twelve with the nickname 'Horse.'

Appearance Edit

Saccho is a horse-faced man with 2 protruding front teeth. He wears a yukata with sleeves rolled up and a belt with two small ponytails at the back. There are two Japanese-style swords suspended from the belt on his left hand side. His long black hair is also tied into a ponytail.


Saccho is a calm and collected man. The only time he seems to lose his temper is when Pariston proposes that the other Zodiac Twelve members let him become chairman without an election.


New Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

After Chairman Netero's death Saccho and the rest of the Zodiac Twelve gather in the Hunters Association's headquarters to determine the rules of the election for the 13th Chairman. He does not oppose Pariston being in charge of their first meeting, but when Pariston suggests that they skip the election and let him assume the role of Chairman of the Association, Saccho and a number of other members immediately direct their hostile auras toward him.

To reduce tension and to prevent Pariston from abusing his political influence, Cheadle suggests drawing lots to decide the rules of the election. Saccho agrees with her proposal. Unbeknown to him and the other members, Ging already rigged the drawing two days before so that his rules would likely be selected. As a result, they have to follow his rules in electing the new Hunter Chairman. The first 3 rounds of the election are invalid because the voting rates do not reach 95%. Round 4 has a turnout of 97.1%, but no one achieves a majority. Saccho finishes this round with the 9th place, thus becoming one of the remaining 16 candidates in the 5th round.

Before Round 5 starts, Saccho is introduced as the counsellor of the Zodiac Twelve who reforms the Association from behind the scenes. He finishes 10th in this round with 15 votes and is eliminated. He then gives a losing speech, saying he will keep supporting the Association from the shadows but does not reveal who he is going to vote for.


  • Saccho's surname is probably a reference to the Kobayakawa clan, a well-known samurai clan in Japan.