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Sadaso (サダソ) is one of the 3 disabled fighters who go after rookies on Floor 200 of the Heavens Arena.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

As a result of being attacked with Nen on Floor 200 before he learned it, Sadaso lost his left arm. He has a mask-like face and wears a long tunic. He is greedy and cunning--in order to become a Floor Master he does not hesitate to use dirty tactics such as kidnapping and blackmail against novice fighters.


Heavens Arena arcEdit

Near the middle of May, Sadaso, together with Riehlvelt and Gido, finds Gon and
Killua threatens Sadaso

Killua threatening Sadaso

Killua and tells them to fight him on May 29th. Gon and Killua refuse to listen to him, saying they will only fight in June. In the evening of the same day, the 3 greedy veterans kidnap Zushi using Sadaso's Invisible Left Arm. To save him, Killua agrees to let Sadaso win a match on May 29th. They however are not satisfied with just that. Using one of Zushi's shoes they blackmail Gon into having a match which he will have to lose on purpose against Sadaso on May 30th. The next day, Killua is furious when he knows about this. Thus, on May 29th, he infiltrates Sadaso's locker room 10 minutes before their match and threatens to kill him if he pulls any other dirty trick[1]. Not wanting to die, he leaves the arena and tells Gido and Riehlvelt about what happened by phone.


Sadaso is a Transmuter. He can transform his aura into
Sadaso using his Invisible Left Arm on Zushi

Sadaso's Invisible Left Arm

a large arm as a substitute for his lost left arm. The arm, which comes out of his left sleeve, is invisible to normal people and anyone gets caught in it will not be able to move, talk or breathe[2].


  • In the 1999 series, Sadaso still has his left arm. It is functional and suspended by the front part of his tunic. His Invisible Left Hand comes out of another sleeve on his left hand side[3].


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