Shachmono Tocino
Shachmono Tocino 1999
Japanese: シャッチモーノ=トチーノ
Romanized: Shacchimōno Tochīno
Debut: Chapter 67; Episode 48 (1999)
Japanese VA: Ishikawa Masaaki (1999)
Other VA:
Gender: Male
Eye Color:
Hair Color: Brown (1999)
Blood Type:
Occupation(s): Hunter, Bodyguard
Status: Deceased
Type: Emission
Nen: Eleven Black Assistants

Shachmono Tocino is a professional Hunter and one of Neon Nostrade's bodyguards. His name is derived from a famous Filipino dish called Tocino, a sweet pork viand.


Shachmono is a relatively young man. He has short hair, down-slanted eyes and curly sideburns.


Yorknew City ArcEdit

Dalzollene orders Shachmono and Squala to test Kurapika and 3 other applicants to see if they deserve to be hired as Neon's bodyguards. They then pose as 2 job applicants and show up at Neon Nostrade's mansion together with them. Right after Dalzollene tells them through a monitor that they have to get out of the mansion alive to pass the test, Shachmono uses his ability, Eleven Black Assistants, to attack the real applicants with handguns and swords. Kurapika however quickly notices that the Black Assistants do not attack Shachmono. Thus he puts a knife at Shachmono's throat and orders him to stop them in 3 seconds. Shachmono obeys and tells the applicants the truth, except for who the other infiltrator is.

Shachmono Tocino pierced by Franklin's Nen bullets

Shachmono pierced by Franklin's Nen bullets

Some time later, on the night of September 1st 2000, Shachmono, together with Baise and Ivlenkov, is assigned the task of attending the Mafia's underground auction in the Cemetery Building to bid for a pair of Scarlet Eyes. Franklin of the Phantom Troupe then infiltrates into the auction room and unleashes his Double Machine Gun. Shachmono quickly releases the Eleven Black Assistants to protect himself and his 2 colleagues but Franklin's Nen bullets have so much power that they blast the Assistants to pieces and pierce through his body, killing him.


Shachmono is an Emitter. His Nen ability is called
Shachmono Tocino's Eleven Black Assistants

Eleven Black Assistants

Eleven Black Assistants (縁の下の11人(イレブンブラックチルドレン) lit. 11 Thankless Heroes (Eleven Black Children)) which allows him to create 11 human-sized dolls in black hooded robes out of his Nen. He can manipulate these dolls to do simple things, such as attacking the closest enemy with handguns and swords.

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