Stick Dinner
Stick Dinner
Japanese: スティック=ディナー
Romanized: Sutikku Dinā
Debut: Chapter 186
Japanese VA:
Other VA:
Gender: Male
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Blood Type:
Occupation(s): Amateur Contract Hunter

Stick Dinner, also known as Stin, is a man with an afro hairstyle who comes to survey the country of Kakin with Kite. He is from the same town as Spinner Clow. He likes saying puns and appears to be in charge of preparing food for the team. According to Kite, Stick Dinner and his fellow amateur Hunters in the Kakin Exploration Team have excellent potential to be pro-hunters.

At the beginning of the Chimera Ant criris, Stick enters NGL with Kite, Gon, Killua and Podungo Lapoy to find the Queen but he and Podungo have to return to the border after Kite receives an emergency message from Ponzu warning them of the highly dangerous ants. After the election for the 13th Hunter Chairman, Stick Dinner, together with Kite--now a female Chimera ant, a koala Chimera ant, Gon and the other 5 members of the Kakin Team, is seen in his and Spinner Clow's hometown, watching large herds of swans flying into the sky at sunrise.

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