1999 - 2011

Togari 2011

Japanese: トガリ
Romanized: Togari
Debut: Chapter 14; Episode 15 (1999); Episode 8 (2011)
Japanese VA: Takeshi Maeda (1999); Takuma Suzuki (2011)
Other VA: Ethan Cole (English, 1999); Joshua Tomar (English, 2011)
Eye Color:
Hair Color: Black (1999); Dark Teal (2011)
Blood Type:
Status: Deceased
Non-Nen: All Direction Four Blade Style

Togari (トガリ) was the examiner in the 286th Hunter Exam who was almost killed by Hisoka one year before the beginning of the main story. He is a relatively muscular man with long hair that is spiky on the front of his head and wears a fur vest. There are 4 long deep scars, left by Hisoka, on his face.


After his humiliating defeat by Hisoka in the 286th Hunter Exam, Togari trained hard for 1 year to master the All Direction Four Blade Style. During the Third Phase of the 287th Hunter Exam, he waits for Hisoka in the Trick Tower, not to test him as an examiner, but to get revenge. In the beginning of the fight between them, Togari seems to have the upper hand as Hisoka has problems dodging the 4 curved blades thrown at him from all directions and is even cut in two places. Hisoka however quickly figures out that Togari's technique can be easily neutralized by catching the blades. While Togari is still shocked by how effortlessly Hisoka catches and twirls 2 of his blades, Hisoka decapitates him.


All Direction Four Blade Style
Hisoka after beheading Togari

Hisoka and Togari's severed head

(無限四刀流 Mugen Yontōryū): Togari wields and throws 4 curved blades at the same time. They will cut the opponent from all angles: above, below, the sides, front and back. It is very difficult to dodge them. However one can make this technique lose its effects by catching one of the blades or two, as Hisoka did.


  • Togari is the name given to this character in the 2011 anime adaptation. It does not appear in the manga nor in the 1999 series.
  • In the 1999 series, Togari is not beheaded.

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